At Facet Manufacturing security is a top priority, and we have undergone some system upgrades to ensure our IT infrastructure is up-to-date with current guidelines.

As the company grows so does the need for advanced IT systems. At Facet we have had major system upgrade to ensure that we are able to provide the best service to our customers. These include a new server, to provide better security, and adaptive working from home solutions in the new climate. As well as developments to the backup and disaster recovery capabilities to show our commitment to customer security, and create a more agile IT environment.

“In order to adapt to the changing IT climate and the ongoing working from home rotas, we have made some enhanced system upgrades to the Facet Manufacturing site IT systems. This will ensure that the IT system can deal with continued growth over the next 5-7 years.”

Facet IT Support and Technology Supervisor

Agile IT Environment

Updated Servers

System Upgrades

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