Procurement, Build and Electronic Supply Chain Solutions

From our bespoke manufacturing centre in Somerset, FACET Manufacturing UK Ltd offers a complete range of surface-mount technology, through-hole printed circuit board (PCB) assembly, cable loom assembly and electro-mechanical assembly as a stand-alone service or a complete supply chain solution encompassing full procurement, box build, test and packaging.

Our attention to detail in providing a full manufacturing solution enables our customers to focus on their core strengths of product design and customer engagement activities, whilst we bring the design to life. We procure, we build, we test, then we ship. Helping take away the complications of electronic manufacturing for the OEM, and supporting then every step of the way.

Contract Electronic Manufacturing Services

Surface Mount Assembly

Through-hole Assembly to IPC610

Cable Assemblies

Full Build and Testing

Rapid Prototyping

BS EN ISO 9001

How can Facet Manufacturing help you?

With years of experience between the team, and a quality driven service, FACET Manufacturing UK Ltd specialises in supporting OEMs who are looking to outsource their supply chain, assembly, test and logistics. Outsourcing decisions can be as a result of a specific, short-term, operational need or as part of a forward-thinking strategy. We can offer a full service solution, or individual services, based upon your requirements, flexible to your supply chain. Our expertise in contact electronic services are utilised by various sectors across the UK.

Our customers view us as an integral part of their outsourcing strategy and have the confidence in our abilities to control their supply chain and logistics functions. To learn more about the services we offer and how we could support your electronic assembly needs from NPI to full production, click on the “Get in Touch” button below.